Composite Cables
Pasaka Cables are manufactured with power and control cable laid together in same cable, saving space and as per requirement of the industry. As per general practice, it is manufactured in Rubber owing to its reeling and unreeling properties, but can be supplied in PVC too.

Welding Cables
To cater to the high current, low voltage requirement in metal arc welding, Pasaka Cables manufacture specially designed welding cable, Its specially formulated and in-house manufactured TPR Polymer is used for insulation, which enhances its mechanical strength and sheer load capacities, and hence makes it suitable for as rugged application in assembly lines & on construction sites.

Conductor: Stranded Bare Copper
Insulation: TPE/HOFR
Size: Aluminium 25sqmm to 120sq. mm, Copper 16sqmm to 95sq. mm
Application:For Welding applications

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