Instrumentation Cables

Process instruments, equipments, transducers require transmitting low level signals to different places in plant. These places can have boiler and turbine where temperature is well above 100 deg C or chemical reactors which add toxic fumes and liquids in environment. Pasaka Instrumentation cables are designed, manufactured and tested for such conditions. Pasaka Instrumentation Cables assure signal transmission with zero signal loss, minimum distortion and free from external noise. Instrumentation cables are also manufactured as per customer requirement and specifications. Sizes Covered: 0.25 sq mm, 0.5 sq mm, 1.0 sq mm, 1.5 sq mm & 2.5 sq mm.

Cable Construction

Conductor: Solid, Stranded or Flexible copper bare/tin coated

Insulation: An Extruded Layer of PVC 70oC / 85oC / 105oC or with solid polyethylene. Cores are identified by colours or by printed numbers over Single/Pair/Triad/Quad
Formation: 2/3/4 cores twisted to form a single/pairs/triad/quad
Assembly: Single/Pairs/Triad/Quad are laid up to form a cable core.
Screen : Over the laid cores, a layer of Aluminium Mylar Tape/Copper Tape is applied helically or Copper braided, to form the screen.
Bedding: An extruded layer of PVC is applied as bedding.
Armouring: Galvanized Steel Wires/Strips are applied helically in a single layer or by galvanized steel wire braid.
Sheath: An extruded layer of PVC is applied as the outer sheath. Sheath colour as per customer specification.

Other construction can be supplied on request:
- Supplied with individual screen with Aluminium Mylar Tape Copper Tape/copper
- Braid for Single/Pairs/Quads
- FR (Flame Retardant PVC)
- FRLS (Flame Retardant Low Smoke PVC)
- Zero Halogen/Low Halogen Low Smoke Cables: with polymeric insulation & sheath
- High Temperature cables: with ETFE/FEP /PTFE tape(wrap) insulation /sheath

Reference Specifications

IS 12598, BS: 5308 I & II, IEC : 189, VDE: 0815 & 0816 or any other National or International Standard

These cables are suitable for Computing Systems, Electronic Control & Regulating Gear, Transmission of Signals and Energy with minimum Interference for maximum durability.

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